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Circuit Playground

By Sam Brown / Oct 27, 2016

Circuit Playground


To make the next step beyond an introductory Arduino, to explore different sensors, and to do pretty things with lights, it would be hard to beat the Adafruit Circuit Playground. This board is ready to let a student explore common sensors without even needing to break out a breadboard, much less a soldering iron. And it’s delivered in a wearable-friendly package; the Circuit Playground might have everything your next interactive costume calls for already built in.

This board comes loaded with full-color LEDs and built in sensors. It’s got a built in accelerometer, a temperature sensor, light sensor, a switch, two buttons, and a speaker. And all this comes for a price that’s cheaper than many bare-bones microcontrollers.

The Circuit Playground comes in a clothing-friendly circular shape, free from sharp edges that get caught on cloth. Its large connectors are ringed around the outside, with holes through the middles onto which you can easily tie conductive thread or snap an alligator clip. A JST connector for batteries completes the wearable-friendly design.

Circuit Playground Adafruit
Good for:Education and Costumes
Clock Speed:8 MHz
Processor:Atmega 32u4
I/O Pins Digital:4 GPIO
I/O Pins Analog:4 PWM out, 4 ADC in
Operating Voltage:3.3V
Dimensions:51mm x 51mm
Memory:32kB flash, 2kB RAM, 1kB EEPROM
Additional Features:More than a dozen built-in lights, I/O devices, and sensors


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Where else are you going to get this many sensors and lights built into a board, at this price point? A fantastic board for costume projects and experimenting with sensors.

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