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EHang Ghost 2.0

By Matt Stultz / May 2, 2016

EHang Ghost 2.0

Smartphones are at the center of how we interact with technology today. The Ehang Ghost 2.0 takes advantage of our familiarity by making yours its controller. This isn’t a new concept, but Ehang’s inclusion of the G-Box takes it to a whole new level.

Increased Communication

Instead of directly connecting a smartphone to the drone, Ehang uses the G-Box as a man-in-the-middle device. The device greatly increases the communication range over the phone’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal. We had some initial difficulties getting the G-Box connected during our testing, but once established, it seemed to work well. But, you’re still stuck flying without sticks.

When purchasing a Ghost 2.0, you have a few choices for your camera — from none to a built-in 4K unit. The unit we tested had a multi-axis gimbal with a GoPro mount. Our aerial footage showed some video stability issues that we think might have to do with gimbal problems, but this does not seem to be the usual case as we have seen stable Ghost 2.0 video from others.


The Ghost 2 is trying to skew the trends in the camera drone world with its upside-down mounted propellers and smartphone control, but it might need a few more tweaks to help its standing in the pack.


Ghost 2.0
Price as Tested:$799
Includes:Drone, G-Box, battery, charger, two sets of propellers, propeller guards, toolkit
Range:2000 feet
Battery Life:14 minutes
Drone Size:16" diagonal (without propellers)
Controller Type:Smartphone or tablet (not included) with a range extension box
Carrying Case Included:No
Camera Type:GoPro or optional built-in camera
Camera Resolution:Varies on selection

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Why To Buy

Ehang’s unique controller setup makes the Ghost a good step up for those who are already accustomed to flying small drones with their smartphone.

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Pro Tips

The Ghost 2.0 comes with a built-in 5.8GHz video transmitter compatible with most FPV gear. Add a pair of goggles to feel like you’re flying.


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