Ever been looking for your keys, and wanted to call them, before you realize that they are hideously analog pieces of metal? Or wanted to let someone into your house when you’re not at home, without having to lend them your keys?

Lockitron was the solution that descended from hardware heaven – a device that fits over the lock on your door and that is controlled via an app. It raised $2.2M on Kickstarter but missed its original shipping deadline by 1.5 years, leaving its backers in a deadlock (pun!).

Are you one of them? Stop glaring at your empty mailbox and channel all your frustration into making your own awesome smartphone connected lock – The Bean Lock.

The Bean Lock is built around an electronic wireless deadbolt and is controlled by the LightBlue Bean. The LightBlue Bean is an Arduino compatible microcontroller that is programmed wirelessly over Bluetooth Low Energy so that you can reprogram it even after you have built it in to your project. The lock is opened using the iOS application LightBlue that lets you send serial data to the LightBlue Bean without having to build your own app.