Making art projects with paper is fun and accessible for even the littlest of hands. Incorporating electronics into those paper crafts is an educational opportunity to learn about conductivity and circuitry.

Project Daffodil is here to introduce you to Princess Cassie, so you can join her on an adventure of electric discovery! To get started, download our castle template. You can color and decorate your castle any way you wish.

When you’re done decorating, check out the steps below to add LEDs and a light sensor to make your castle glow when you open the castle door!

Project Steps

Print the pieces

Print the pop up pieces & base. Print pieces on 8.5″×11″ paper and do not choose “scale to print” or “fit to page.” Color or decorate the pieces.

Build the castle

Cut out castle, door, and Princess Cassie pop-up pieces.

Fold pieces along the dotted lines. Fold castle in half at center. Fold base piece in half.

Cut out the center of the castle where it says “remove.”

Build the castle (cont'd)

Cut out the slots for door pieces on the front of the castle piece.

Punch holes

Use a push pin to punch holes in the castle piece for the LEDs and the photocell.

Punch a hole in the “+” and “-” signs for the LEDs.

Punch holes in the round dots next to the photocell symbol for the photocell.

Add doors, resistor, and LEDs

Insert the door pieces into the slots at the front of the castle. First fold the side flaps inward, insert through the slots, then straighten out on the back side. Tape door flaps to back of the castle.

Insert the photocell through the holes in the castle. It doesn’t matter which direction the photocell is put in.

Insert LEDs into the castle piece. Place the long lead through the “+” and the short lead through the “-” .


Glue castle piece to base page at line A. Use hot glue or a glue stick.

Pro tip: Glue one tab of the castle to the page first. Then fold the castle in half and add glue to the other tab. Fold the base page over the castle piece and press down. The pop up will be evenly positioned on both sides.

Add the copper tape

Cut three pieces of copper tape. One 14.5″, one 2.5″, and one 6″ long.

Place the 2.5″ copper tape strip above the doorway, just underneath the negative leads of the LEDs.

Place the 6″ copper tape from just underneath the photocell leg to the negative side of the battery. The tape is conductive on the top side only. It is best to use a continuous strip on each segment.

Place the 14.5″ copper tape from the positive sides of the LEDs to the positive side of the battery where indicated on the base page. Tape down the leads to the photocell and LEDs so they form a secure connection with the copper tape.

Add the Princess and battery!

Glue the Princess Cassie piece to the base page at line B.

Add the battery, with the positive side up. Secure with a binder clip.

You’re done!

Tips & Tricks

There are two types of copper tape — one with a conductive adhesive and one without. When using the non-conductive adhesive tape, the copper will only be conductive on the top side. Be sure to attach all of the leads of the LEDs, the photocell, and battery to this side. Use clear tape on top to secure the connections.