A few years ago, I had to come up with a batch of gifts to give to friends and family — fast! Our backyard garden gnome was the inspiration: I’d make felt gnome hats for everyone. All I needed to make the pattern was a little math and a piece of string.

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Project Steps

Measure circle

  • Cut string into ~12 inch length with loops tied at both end.
  • Place one loop around pushpin and push it into the center of the felt (use cardboard for backing).
  • Place marker in other loop.
  • Draw circle into felt by spinning marker around the center pushpin along the length of string.

Cut felt

  • Cut out the circle of felt.
  • Cut the circle into thirds.

Assemble hats

  • Fold resulting triangles so the straight sides match up and sew them together.
  • Flip them each inside out.
  • Tada! You have your gnome hats.