This tutorial shows how to build an acrylic sign: text installed on a white rectangular base. You choose color, font and dimensions. It is cut for you and all you have to do is glue it together.

Project Steps

Using this text designer, start by typing first block of text and selecting font and size.

Add another block of text using different font, material and size. NOTE! I added “test” word to this block. I will explain later why it might be a good idea.

Because I want to install letters on a base, I checked this option and configured material and size for the base. Alternatively you can install your text on glass, wall, etc.

Next step is preview. Please check all the sizes very carefully. Because different browsers render fonts differently there may be a slight difference between design and preview. Trust the preview. This is how your end result will look.

Go through the checkout process, specify your address, pay and in a day or two you will get your package.

Inside the package you will find separate words, each word in its frame all attached with the tape and with protective film left on.

Start by removing protective film from the base and letters. You don’t have to peel the frames.

Remember I added “test” word to the order? It does not cost much but can help you avoid mistakes. The base has two sides. You can install “test” on one side and then use the other one to install the actual text. Attention! It may be hard to remove the test letters once glued. If you have any other surface to try it on then do it elsewhere!

Your letters come with a set of 1mm-thick sticks. These are very handy when installing small letters especially using liquid glue (like super glue). They will keep the frame elevated over the surface so it does not get glued to the surface. Start by gluing these sticks to the back of the frame.

As you see, the frame does not touch the surface.

Attach the frame to the surface using sticky tape.

Use tiny drops of glue…

… and install letters in the frame.

Super glue sets very quickly. One minute later you can remove the frame.

Then you can remove the test. Super glue works very well on acrylic; it may be harder than you think.

Position frames on the base and affix them with the tape. It is OK if tape covers some letters; you can install them later.

Install all letters using same procedure as you used on your “test”.

Remove the tape and install remaining letters. Already-installed letters will hold the frame in place.

This is how the end result looks.