Learn the basics of soldering by creating your very own blinking LED rocket ship pin. A favorite Maker Faire activity, soldering is an excellent skill to get started in making for all ages.

Project Steps

Check your kit’s contents.

Printed circuit board (PCB)

Battery holder

3v battery

Tie-tack pin

Tie-tack clutch


Prep the battery pad.

Start by adding a “blob” of solder to the battery pad on the back. Just a little will help the battery stay snug in the holder.

It’s easy! Just heat up the pad on the PCB for 2-3 seconds and feed some solder into the tip.

Solder the battery holder in place.

Next, place the battery holder in the printed circuit board (PCB). It goes on the back of the PCB, and is oriented according to the silk screen on the board.

Now you can solder the battery holder from the front of the pin. Flip it over, and place it on a flat surface.

Next, heat up the pins of the battery holder with your soldering iron and solder it in place.

Solder in the tie-tack pin.

Place the pin through the hole in the front of the PCB. It will not fall through the hole. Just let it go!

Now apply heat to the pin from the back, and solder it into place.

Add the LED.

The longer LED lead is the anode, or positive (+) lead and will eventually be inserted into the hole marked (+) on the PCB.

The shorter lead on the LED is the cathode, or (-) lead. This is placed in the (-) hole on the PCB.

Flip the board over, and spread the leads apart. Solder the LED in place, making a strong connection between the LED and the PCB.

Trim all the leads of the LED flush to the PCB

Insert the battery.

Make sure the (+) side of the battery is facing up.

Now you can pin it to your bag, hat, or whatever, and show off your soldering skills!