The Harbinger Co. Laser-Cut Jewelry

Last weekend, at Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco, our CRAFT table was neighbors with Yvonne Hung, the maker behind The Harbinger Co.‘s incredible line of bamboo laser-cut jewelry. As soon as we rolled in and I laid eyes on Yvonne’s work, I was enthralled. I must say her designs are some of the freshest and […]

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Bamgoo: electric car built from bamboo

This doesn’t quite look like the most crash-safe vehicle ever designed, but electric power plus bamboo construction does provide a dream-like level of sustainability: (video found via G4TV) Any guesses on what epoxy/resin they’re using to hold the bamboo together? Thanks to Ecofriend for finding some specs: “the 60-kg electric car can run for 30 […]

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