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Operating Railroad Grade Crossing Signal

Operating Railroad Grade Crossing Signal

It seems that no matter how much things change, one thing that is always constant is a kid’s fascination with all things trains. When my son was about 4 years old he was fascinated by passing trains. Even more captivating to him was the railroad crossing signals which would flash and ring to announce a […]

PVC Two-Faced Clock from MAKE Volume 30

PVC Two-Faced Clock

If you and a friend or relative live in different time zones, keep track with this two-faced clock.

PVC Lamp from MAKE Volume 30

PVC Floating Accent Light

This lamp adds a romantic glow to any room. Designed to provide good airflow around the bulb, it seems to float magically on a soft ring of light around its base.

PVC Plant Holder from MAKE Volume 30

PVC Plant Holder

This versatile and attractive plant holder holds a standard 4″ flowerpot in a variety of ways.

PVC Table from MAKE Volume 30

PVC Kids’ Table and Stool

This small table fits young kids perfectly — and they can scribble to their hearts’ content on the dry-erase tabletop.



Use a simple mortise-and-tenon joint to make these fine looking shop horses that you will use every day and will last a lifetime.

Wooden Table

Wooden Table

Before moving off to college I wanted to build something that would be suitable as a kitchen table and double as my desk for studying. It needed to be sturdy and robust enough to last through college and for the years to come, yet I did not want to build a piece of furniture that […]