Invisible Glass Photography

Recently, I needed a special photograph for my Soda Can Label Embossing project. I wanted to show a long embossed label arranged in a spiral, so that both the front and the back of the label were visible, in order to show off both the clear embossed text on the... Read more »

High-Resolution Spectrograph

The first spectroscopes used glass prisms to split light into colors, but Fraunhofer found that an array of closely spaced wires had the same effect. Today we call these arrays of tiny slits diffraction gratings. Read more »

Give Life to Your Photos: 3D Photography

As my second guide, Build a Hovercraft being my first, I will teach how to create 3D images and view them. This 3D is not anaglyph, or red and blue lens, but stereoscopic. This is also referred to as “Free Viewing.” You won’t even need glasses! NOTE: You will need... Read more »

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