Conversations with a SANDF Colonel

The UAV Challenge team and the Aurora team are traveling with the South African National Defense Forces (SANDF) to the Mozambique border. On that 2 hour drive to the forward camp I had the chance to speak with a Colonel and Lieutenant about counter poaching and border patrol. Read more »

New York’s Next Top Makers: The Finalists

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) challenged the city's makers to compete in a year-long New York's Next Top Makers Challenge. The winner will be announced at MAKE's Hardware Innovation Workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at a special evening reception... Read more »

An Unassuming Electric Vehicle

With the goal of illustrating “the simplicity that alternative energy vehicles could embody,” George Schnakenberg curated and built The Sleeper Bike, an electric motor-assisted bicycle that also sports a stylish look. The San Francisco-based design director handmade the leather battery bag and retrofitted the bike frame with a Hill Topper... Read more »

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