MAKE 38: High-Tech DIY

M38_cover_266x347Make 38 celebrates our love of personal tech with the coolest new mobile gadget projects, from touchscreen tablets to open-source laptops to arduino-powered cell phones. Take your photography to the next level with 3D-printed cameras and the latest camera hacks and tricks. And get inspired with many other exciting how-tos, including lighting up your bike for night rides with EL wire, turning your Raspberry Pi into a powerful FM transmitter, and making your own sriracha sauce to offset the shortage crisis. All this and more in MAKE Volume 38!

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Page 06

Reader Input

Page 08


An open letter to California Governor Jerry Brown advocating an intrastate exemption to facilitate investment crowdfunding.Page 12

Encouraging Girls to Hack and Make

After working as a hardware engineer, attending grad school at Harvard, and working in science and engineering education for 10 years, I decided to go back to my community last year and start a program for girls.Page 13

Made on Earth

Page 14


Makers on Ice

In Antarctica, maker spirit is the key to survival.Page 26


RasPi Tablet

A usable, portable, Linux-based all-in-one system.Page 30

Open-Source Cellphone

Designing and refining an Arduino-powered phone.Page 38

Scratch-Built Laptop

An impractical and somewhat quixotic labor of open-source computer love.Page 40


Page 42

The Big Picture

Take a 100+ megapixel macro photo with a basic digital camera.Page 44

Top DIY Photo Hacks

Eight easy-bake tips ‘n’ tricks for pro-quality shots on a DIY budget.Page 50

Light Painting

Tips, tools, and techniques for beautiful long-exposure photography.Page 52

Brownie Pan LED Light Panel

Roll your own for a fraction of the cost of pro units.Page 56

The Kinograph

Open-source digitizer for your archived film.Page 58

Five 3D-Printed Cameras

From pinhole to digital, these cameras are all printable on desktop machines.Page 59


10 Tips for Great Build Videos

Clean your space, write a script, add a kitty, and more!Page 62

Photographing Small Objects

Master lighting and background for your pint-sized captures. Page 64


Glow Bike

Use EL wire to make your bike light up.Page 68

Video Game Plushies

Make stuffed animals of your favorite video game heroes and monsters.Page 72

Wireless Ergo Mouse

Adventures in ergonomic foam sculpting and “Sugru skinning.”Page 76

Dremel Devil

Print it, spin it up, and watch it fly.Page 78

Toy Inventor’s Notebook

Build a spray booth under your stairs.Page 79

Remaking History

Make the mechanism that put early movies on the big screen.Page 82

Vintage Bulb Lamp

Switch on the nostalgic glow with this dimmable, modern table lamp.Page 88


Turn your room into a camera obscura.Page 93

Amateur Scientist

Experiment with light and dark sensors.Page 94

CNC Workbench

Create custom tables for your workshop.Page 98

Homebrew: CT Scanner

An open-source scanner for a fraction of the cost of its bigger hospital siblings.Page 112


New Maker Tech

On the horizon for 3D printing, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.Page 102

Tool Reviews

MAKE's recommendations for useful maker tools and materials. Page 104


Text tools for your bench or bedside table.Page 107