Make 41: Tinkering Toys


To a maker, a toy can be many things. It can refer to an entertaining product that delights while educating, like Lego sets and electronics kits. It can be an apparatus like a plastic injection-molding machine that helps us produce figurines and widgets. Or it can be a new creation that we produce either for ourselves or as a part of a larger business for others to enjoy. In the latest issue of Make: we’ll help you find the best maker toys, show you how to build toy-making tools, and learn from the pros on how to take your toy and game ideas to market.

Plus, build a messenger bag that charges your electronic devices without the hassle of wires, 3D-print a fully functional pinhole camera, and inject powerful flavors into your favorite foods with nitrogen cavitation. Then, read about how 3D printing is being used in schools, ways to hack your brain waves to control your stuff, how one maker took his giant giraffe robot to visit the White House, and much more.

Ready for fun? Then pick up your copy of Make: Volume 41 today!

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Page 08

Reader Input

Page 10

Maker Faires Around the World

Find a faire near you!Page 16

Made on Earth

Explore the amazing world of backyard technology.Page 18


The Lab in the Classroom

3D printers are coming to schools. How do we make the most of them?Page 24

Games, Gadgets, and Gizmos

Hands-on learning and fun with Make: magazine’s STEAM-based toy guide.Page 34

Beyond Barbie

Empowering girls through play is easy if you start them down the right track.Page 54

Soda Bottle Rocket LED Fireworks

Ooooh! Launch lots of little lights and watch them parachute back down.Page 55

Mad Monster Candy Snatch Game

Put the fun in “fun-sized” candy.Page 56

DIY Rotocaster

Pros use rotocasting to make hollow plastic parts and it’s easy to do at home.Page 60

DIY Injection Molding Machine

Tried, true, and totally doable. Start cranking out solid thermoplastic parts.Page 64


Beyond the Arduino IDE: AVR USART Serial

Use a $4 microcontroller to launch web pages with the push of a button over serial I/O.Page 66

Induction Instruction

Generate enough power to light an LED through the magic of inductive charging.Page 70


Inductive Charging Bag

Make a totally wireless bag to charge your mobile devices, and kiss connectors goodbye. Page 74

3D-Printed Pinhole Camera

The fully functional P6*6 camera is printable even on the tiniest of print beds.Page 80

Universal CNC Vacuum Table

Build a vacuum-hold-down system with serious suction. Page 86

Water Bath Thermostat

For sous-vide and more — it controls both heating and cooling! Page 91

Remaking History

Use the fascinating “twisted cylinder” to make a spill-proof coffee cup carrier. Page 92

Sure-Fire Projects for Young Makers

Create silvery, shimmery cosmic couture with MylarPage 100

Toy Inventor's Notebook

Make a mini projector with an image of a spooky disappearing Cheshire cat.Page 102


Tool Reviews

Recommendations for unique and useful maker tools, toys, and materials. Page 104

New Maker Tech

On the horizon for electronic accessories. Page 106


Text tools for your bench or bedside table.Page 108


La Princesse

Arachnophobes beware this building-sized spider.Page 112