tele.jpgHere’s a DIY teleprompter for the folks out there who are using web cams to do videoblogging or recording themselves speaking. It’s pretty simple, a couple CD cases and some HTML and you’re good to go. I think as we start using video conferencing more it might be a neat project to put all sorts of things on there, like instant messages, widgets, slides or maybe a RSS ticker, maybe not. Link.

  • Benkay

    Of course, should you decide to slap some video up there, for a truly awesome video-conferencing experience, that’s your prerogative.

  • stevecooley

    I wrote a script to generate teleprompter-ready text with an auto scroller thing too. check it out here:

    source is available! :)

  • cdk765

    or better yet, use it as the monitor for a video chat, so you can look stright into the camera instead of off to the side…