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While looking for a way to strengthen cannon barrels, Bessemer discovered better ways of making steel. Read more »


Polyform released a new addition to their line of sculpting clays: Sculpey Medium Blend. Read on to find out what we thought. Read more »

board game settlers of catan box organizer

This board game box insert is an easy way to organize all the pieces while still using the original box. It's perfect for all Settlers of Catan fans. Read more »

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When I asked Bernie War how he liked living in Shanghai, the Miami native said he liked everything about it, except the air. He’s been there for three years. First, he started work on an open source air purifier. Then, he looked at building an air quality monitor. His most... Read more »

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What started as an idea to produce our own simple, fun, affordable electric vehicle has evolved into a DIY project easily assembled by nearly anyone. The Switch defines a new class of auto — a lightweight, high-capacity, versatile electric vehicle (EV) that requires minimal resources to construct, assemble, and drive. Read more »

Photo: Courtesy of the SDSU Rocket Project

A look at the tech inside a mostly successful high-altitude rocket launch Read more »

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As we all know, a well-stocked workshop is a beautiful thing. It’s the place that keeps and collects all the tools and hardware you may someday need to fix something you love or make something new. When Lee John Phillips’ grandfather passed away, he left behind a tool shed packed with... Read more »