Chris of Clickspring presents a fascinating step by step process of how to build a clock from scratch. More than a tutorial, he demonstrates the fine craftsmanship and precision machining possible in ammature clockmaking. The project covers building everything you need for a John Wilding, large wheel, skeleton clock; an... Read more »

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We talk to Stéphane Bonnard about the APREL Project, and the development of the exoskeleton arm that he brought along to Maker Faire Paris. Read more »

Kolja Kugler invites a young visitor to the faire up on stage to hand his robot Sir Elton Junk a glass of water between sets.

There are four Maker Faires happening around the world this weekend, the biggest in Paris, France, and it opened yesterday to record numbers of visitors. Read more »

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Build a DIY hydrojet-powered watercraft for kids that’s perfect for the backyard pool. Kids love to drive the land roving mini cars and trucks you can get at the big box toy stores, now they can head to the water and pilot their own home built pontoon boat. This boat... Read more »


Over at The Backyard Scientist, they wanted to know what would happen if you poured molten aluminum into a watermelon. The results were surprising. And very cool. I guess the aluminum flowed into the more watery, less dense cavities inside the melon where the water quickly cooled the metal before... Read more »


I’ve always been interested in electronics, but when I started publishing projects professionally, I got interested in photography, too. I soon realized that with BEAM robots and other small “artisanal” circuits, the batteries are one of the largest and most visible components, and which brand you choose — the colors,... Read more »

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Build a desktop stand for your essential small tools. Read more »