robot arm featured image

This project is part 4 in the building a robot arm tutorial. In the first part I show how to design the arm, the second part shows how to design the base, and the third shows how to design the mount. After all of the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and 3D modeling... Read more »


This simple device, using an illusion that dates back to 1896, tricks your brain into feeling like your skin is being burned. Read more »


This highly detailed Super Mario rug took six and a half years to make, and the results are incredible. Read more »

Thinking Man

Use some simple electronics to build an IoT printer, like this "Thinking Man" who prints titles from Reddit's Shower Thoughts subreddit. Read more »

On May 23, 2015, the Wilson County Mini Maker Faire was held at the Floresville Event Center in Floresville, Texas. This was our first Mini Maker Faire and we are excited that it went as well as it did. We had 21 Makers and Exhibitors ranging from needlework to 3D... Read more »

shoes color change

The majority of shoes today are mass produced for international consumption. However, in the not too distant past, shoes were uniquely handcrafted for each pair of feet. This time consuming venture was entrusted to master craftspeople, who in turn gave consumers a wearable piece of art that fit their needs perfectly.... Read more »


Like many of us, I consider myself an expert in giant robot battles. They’re something I’ve been thinking about for approximately 37 of my 40 years of life. From Robotech to Voltron to Transformers, I’ve been promised a future with giant robots that I could ride inside and use to smash... Read more »