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Millennium Falcon Playhouse

Kyle Gilbert’s DIY Millennium Falcon Cockpit Playhouse falls into a sweet spot right between geeky detail and weekend practicality. Read more »

My picture with a group of kids including Yuki  Mizuno (photo by Hitomi Mizuno).

Join Make: founder Dale Dougherty on a tour of the highlights from Maker Faire Tokyo, where he discovered some brilliantly made projects. Read more »


We’ve been seeing a tremendous amount of movement in the tabletop gaming space of late, as crowdfunding, 3D printing, laser cutting, new casting technologies, and high-quality on-demand printing have significantly lowered the barriers of entry for even the smallest game concerns. Now, a scrappy start-up with a great idea can... Read more »


Everyone loves dessert, but what if they could light up and play animations? I'll show you how to make a dessert tray with a built-in LED matrix. Read more »


You can learn a lot about life by watching combat robots destroy each other. Read more »


A truncated icosahedron is a 20-sided polyhedron, and there's a good chance you haven't realized its potential as a shop lighting fixture. Read more »


Jonathan Moore's art installation is an autonomous mechanical contraption that operates based on updates on U.S. military drone strikes. Read more »