Jason Alleman, aka JK Brickworks, has done some very impressive Lego projects over the years, but this might be his coolest yet. Introducing the “Bricasso,” an all-Lego mosaic printer which can scan a piece of art and then re-create it using 1 x 1 multicolored Lego plates. In this 4-part... Read more »


The handsome and stately Union Station yet again provided a fantastic venue for Kansas City’s Maker Faire this past weekend for its fifth annual event. Continuing its growth year after year, the 2015 Faire brought together an incredible number of Makers and attendees for a really fantastic and interactive two days... Read more »

CRS-7 Explosion

While the loss of yesterday's SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket may cause major headaches for NASA, the Dragon also carried other payloads built by numerous high school and middle school students. Read more »

Jon Platt, WØZQ, shows off his microwave “handheld” station - a complete transmitter and receiver package with the horn antenna built right in. With this simple station, Jon has made contacts hundreds of kilometers away by bouncing signals off of rain showers and other weather-related structures, such as temperature inversion layers. (Photo by Bruce Richardson, W9FZ, and provided courtesy of the ARRL)

You may have heard about amateur or “ham” radio from a friend or maybe one of the members in your Makerspace is a ham. What is ham radio and what does it offer you? First, you’re a Maker, so you already have a lot in common with the ham radio... Read more »

Kurt Zimmerman's BB-8 Build

Learn how a Maker built his own full-sized Star Wars BB-8 droid using an odd mix of store-bought supplies and recycled technology. Read more »

featured image awl

Introduction If you think about tools that we use today that are passed down from ancient people, the knife, or possibly a modern version of the spear might come to mind. Lying somewhere between those two implements in the modern-day usefulness is the awl. Made out of bone in ancient... Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.01.31 PM

Don’t let the limited features of your car’s dashboard get you down. Here are nine projects that will help you customize your cockpit. Read more »