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In December of 2013 I took a trip to Peru and was lucky enough to meet with makers at Fab Lab Lima. I wrote my first post about Luis Ernesto Flores Olazo’s Ironman maskand this is my second about Benom Juarez, who gave me a tour of the Fab Lab... Read more »


Use cheap photoresistors, phototransistors, and photodiodes to make powerful sensors for your projects. Read more »

Amanda walking tall in Budapest.

Talk about a step into the future… Exoskeletal robots, once the domain of science fiction, are now helping people in need rise from their wheelchairs. One day in the not-so-distant future, they may replace wheelchairs all together. Imagine being able to stand tall and walk again after months or years... Read more »

The ISEE-3 spacecraft.

The hackers behind the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project have moved on to a different challenge. Not content with images, this time they want to recover a whole spacecraft. They want to bring the ISEE-3 space probe home to Earth. Read more »


Can you make solid, functional prints quickly and cheaply by printing them hollow and filling them with hot glue? Yes, you can. Read more »


Powerful, cheap, open platform from obsolete phone, OpenCV, Arduino, RC toy. Read more »

Kevin Loney (right) and Jim Akeson with completed Argus dome frame. Not pictured: Shannon Wheeler.

35 Raspberry Pi SBCs and 35 cameras to capture simultaneous all-around images. Read more »