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“Venture math is a harsh mistress.” From the editors of MAKE magazine, the Maker Pro Newsletter is about the impact of makers on business and technology. Our coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, and innovators, along with technology and market trends. Please send items to us at┬á Are you... Read more »


Modern light painters have developed a rich variety of original tools and methods to create their art. Read more »


This gyro-accelerometer-compass sensor is just what your Mindstorms robot needs to keep itself pointed in the right direction. Read more »

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Learn this simple hack to start adding your own sensors to the your Mindstorms system. Read more »


Google engineer Eric Schaepler has a passion for antique display technologies. Read more »

Vinyl Digitizer

With the Vinyl Digitizer Phono Preamp, you can "dub" records onto your computer and convert the sound files for your phone, MP3 player, car, or anywhere else you need music. Read more »


Build this simple rolling Mini Tank to learn how to combine Arduino microcontrollers with Lego Mindstorms robotics. Read more »