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Image: Start Garden

A new coalition of companies and venture capitalists, including Start Garden and Steelcase, aims to make Grand Rapids, Michigan a specialized hub for IoT ideas and products. Dubbed the Seamless Accelerator, the coalition’s goal is to provide startups with both initial capital and mentorship to encourage innovation and solve challenges associated with... Read more »


  Glorious summer weather graced the first annual South Pole Mini Maker Faire (about 12 hours south of New Zealand) and attendees were excited to see several exhibitions including an ice sculpting 3d printer, sub-zero crocheting corner, and C-130 Refueling hacks. Maker Faire Program Director Sabrina Merlo stated that the event... Read more »


Learning design is hard. Even with the simplest of tools, like SketchUp, it can be difficult to get your brain to associate those little icons with real world actions. The folks at SketchUp know this, and they’re taking great measures to help ease the process. What better way to teach basics... Read more »


I set out on a mission to create a stylish laptop bag that I would actually enjoy using. Read more »


Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church has a unique take on street art. Using stencils and a superhydrophobic spray (such as Always Dry), he creates what he calls rain art, art that only appears when it rains. As he sees it, Seattle is the perfect place for such art, a way of... Read more »


Tricopters fly smoother than quads and make better videos. Build the Maker Hangar Tricopter and see for yourself! Read more »


The ESP8266 is now Arduino compatible, but to the most common breakout board isn't breadboard friendly. So we go ahead and build a breadboard adaptor (Part 3 of 3) Read more »