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When I saw one of these “thumb ring book holders” (aka a “book ring”) in my online travels, I knew this was something I wanted to make and try out. I have arthritis in my hands and arms so holding books and tablets in bed is always a struggle. For... Read more »


An ion thruster produces a flow of air even though it has no moving parts. A version of this seemingly impossible device is used on a larger scale to propel deep space probes for NASA. The advantage to this system over others is that you need only an electrical source... Read more »


California looks to become the first state to prohibit drones over private and public property. Read more »

Photo by Sean Ragan

From a simple spoke amplifier to monitors that gather useful data, there's sure to be a bike hack out there that will elevate your ride. Read more »


Sculpting with polymer clay provides a versatility in timing and workability that is prized by many artists. In this tutorial we will go over the steps for creating a wolf head. Read more »

The new Tessel 2.

From the beginning of June new FCC rules came into effect in the United States for Wi-Fi devices, and they've had some unexpected consequences. Read more »

Foamcore Lamp design.

Brown University's Ian Gonsher shares tips and best practices for prototyping low resolution designs in foamcore. Read more »