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1251623 - Chappie

This is Chappie. He is the robot namesake of Sony Pictures’ latest, a rowdy, messy, brainy rampage from Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9 and Elysium. He’s also a sweetheart. Like Blomkamp’s previous films, Chappie is steeped in cultural criticism and big questions. It’s more Robocop than Short Circuit, fast-paced... Read more »


Note: The following is an interview between Bilal Ghalib and Omar El-Safty conducted at the Fab Lab Egypt in Cairo about the very first Maker Faire in Egypt. The event is happening this weekend, March 7, 2015. Go to the Cairo Mini Maker Faire website for more information.    ... Read more »


  There are arguably no more iconic characters in the Horror genre than the Cenobites from the Hellraiser movie series. The evil entities are summoned to this world through a ‘schism’ opened up after solving a puzzle box. The unlucky puzzle solvers then undergo body mutilations that are designed to... Read more »


MicroView $40 : It can be tough to know what your Arduino is thinking sometimes. That’s why the folks at Geek Ammo created MicroView, a chip-sized Arduino-compatible module with a built-in 64×48 pixel OLED display on top. It has 12 digital I/O pins, three of which are capable of... Read more »


Oh, the joys of winter! Regardless if you live in North America, Europe, East Asia or even The Middle East, this winter has been extreme and annoying! Use whatever hyperbole you want to describe the unforgiving weather: “snowpocalypse,” “snowmageddon,” “snowtastrophe,” “blizzaster” or my favorite “Keyser Snowz.” I think we can... Read more »

Photo: Design That Matters

With the current Pitch Your Prototype challenge submission period now open, let’s take a look at a winning team from a previous round. Design that Matters is a nonprofit founded by a team of MIT students to create tools to help meet basic needs in the developing world. In 2013, they’d developed a barebones phototherapy system... Read more »