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When learning a new skill, like woodworking, it’s always nice if those first few projects produce practical, everyday things that become part of your daily life. Seeing them, using them, taking pride in them, inspires you to delve deeper into the skill and its greater rewards. Here’s a basic woodworking... Read more »


Todd Blatt was inspired by the new detailed images of Pluto and decided to make a 3D printable plaque. Download the STL file today! Read more »

The Labyrinth Game

We talk to the makers behind the giant-sized version of the Labyrinth Game — that vexingly difficult "ball through a maze filled with holes" game well all owned when a small child — that was on show at Trondheim Maker Faire. Read more »


Mate Marschalko, who gave us the recent RC car over wireless and a racing wheel project now has a cool Ikea hack to share. He took an Ikea lamp and used a WiFi-enabled Arduino compatible microcontroller to create an alert notification light for his desk. He writes: This IKEA lamp... Read more »

The Jet Engine car from the Sør-Trøndelag University College.

We talk to the driver of the student-built jet powered car that was on display at the Trondheim Maker Faire. Read more »

Elektra ROV

We talk to the students behind the new ROV build from Elektra, shown for the first time in public at the Trondheim Maker Faire. Read more »


Watch this real cake with a 3D printed frame transform from a truck to a robot, just like Optimus Prime. Read more »