Steve Heath on the Fab Newport Fish Bike

The seventh annual Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire is now one month away (August 8, 1pm-8pm, downtown Providence, Rhode Island). Read more »


Today Local Motors announces the winner of its design challenge, Project [Redacted], for a four-seater based on a 3D-printable template. Read more »

The new BBC MicroBit (Credit: Rory Cellan-Jones/BBC News)

Earlier today the BBC announced the final design of its Micro:bit. Based around an ARM core, the board will be given to every 11 or 12 year old child across the UK, for free. Read more »

robot arm featured image

This project is part 4 in the building a robot arm tutorial. In the first part I show how to design the arm, the second part shows how to design the base, and the third shows how to design the mount. After all of the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and 3D modeling... Read more »


This simple device, using an illusion that dates back to 1896, tricks your brain into feeling like your skin is being burned. Read more »


This highly detailed Super Mario rug took six and a half years to make, and the results are incredible. Read more »

Thinking Man

Use some simple electronics to build an IoT printer, like this "Thinking Man" who prints titles from Reddit's Shower Thoughts subreddit. Read more »