The punk rock revolution democratized the tools of production in a way that is now echoed in everything from desktop manufacturing to crowdfunding. Read more »


This Christmas, one bakery chose to boldly go where no gingerbread man has gone before. Black Market Bakery in Costa Mesa California has created this incredible homage to the original Star Trek series with their faithful gingerbread recreation of the NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise. The attention to detail is incredible. Any Trekkie... Read more »


Christmas is almost upon us, so here’s a great way to create an (almost) entirely 3d printed Christmas present for other humans. What you’ll need: – Strong magnets. I’m using some rare earth magnets I bought from eBay. I’ve chosen 10x2mm cylindrical ones, but rectangular would do just fine, you’d... Read more »


  Heathkit is a name that almost all electronics hobbyists are familiar with. Either you were old enough to be seeing the kits come out new, or you were like me and grew up with the kits as staples in every lab and garage. For those who are unfamiliar, Heathkit... Read more »

If you’re familiar with Super Mario Brothers, you’re certainly familiar with this character, the fire-breathing Piranha Plant. If you would like to have a replica of one in real life, you can build your own following instructions found here. The plant, which could probably double as a prop for Little... Read more »

Fritzing Code View

Fritzing is a fantastic tool (and a huge collection of components and boards you can use in your designs) for sketching out your circuits, but it can do much more. Now Fritzing adds a new capability: a code editor built in to the Fritzing environment. Read more »

The complete handmade cardboard elliptical

When my You Tube subscribers ask me if there is a limit to what can be made with cardboard, my answer is an empathic “no”! As shown in my various Makezine posts throughout the past year, the ways cardboard can be manipulated into ideas ranging from scooters and toys to... Read more »


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