The CNC Bubble Iris is an automated machine to blow precise soap bubbles, with a fast servo and iris-like control mechanism. Read more »

july 4th of july garland

After you get fireworks and BBQ supplies, make sure you put together one of these awesome projects so you can celebrate July 4th in style! Read more »


Formlabs has been steadily releasing new materials that each provide a new property to their users. Now, Formlabs has added a new resin to join Clear, Flexible, and Castable: Tough. Read more »


Japanese artist and engineer “HYde JII” has turned an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner into a pretty impressive abstract expressionist painter. The robot, named Mr. Head (“Head-kun” in Japanese), a 15 year old Roomba, has retired his janitorial vacuum cleaner and taken up the arts. Four plastic bottles hold acrylic paints... Read more »

Photo of Gyroman.

This 3D-printed toy uses a flywheel filled with pennies to walk like nothing you've seen before. The open-source 3D printed toy revisits a gyroscope design that was shelved by Mattel in the 80s. Read more »


Kite aerial photography is the easiest way to get photo and video footage from the skies. Learn how to build a dependable kit to hold your camera rig. Read more »

Electric Bike

Making in Italy didn't start with the Arduino, nor did it end when the Arduino became the next immigrant to pass through Ellis Island, and production began in New York just a few days ago. Read more »