sketchup printables

The popular design tool and the additive manufacturing experts team up to allow for optimized 3D printing capabilities of your designs. Read more »


Build this workable little practice amp in about an hour. Read more »


Sundials have been used to tell time for thousands of years. People have been able to tell you what time of day it is pretty accurately with just a stick (known as a style), a shadow, and some markings on the ground. Nowadays, not many people know how to read sundials... Read more »

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Build the simple span that launched the great age of iron bridge building. Read more »

For most people, playing drums is all about perfecting the skill of actually playing. In Tom Featherstone’s case, however, he decided to learn how to actually build them as well. Featherstone got his start with the “technical side” of drums by first taking apart his 10-year-old electronic drum kit to replace... Read more »

zip line and screening not as wide

A 3-day weekend is approaching and it’s a great opportunity to sit down, by yourself or with your kids, and work on a project. There are so many projects to choose from on, but here is a quick collection of 10 fun projects that would be great for this weekend.... Read more »

The Maiden Flight

Build your own quadrotor airframe from hardware store parts, then trick it out with stabilized onboard video and autonomous flight. Read more »