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Maker Daren Banarsë went on a quest to fabricate his ideal melodica. He had to reverse engineer and 3D print it, and the result looks and sounds completely authentic. Read more »

parser drill

The parser drill (a precursor to the CNC milling machine) is capable of drilling a hole in just about any shape, including sharp corners. Read more »


Manufacturers were quick to support Google’s new Eddystone beacon standard, but in the rush to support it, some manufacturers are ignoring basic security. Read more »


In this project, you'll learn how to use an Arduino microcontroller and a stepper motor to precisely control the panning of a camera during a time lapse. Read more »


If you were to create a speaker enclosure, conventional wisdom would have you starting with medium density fiberboard (MDF), or, possibly, some other wood product. Ryan Sweeney, however, decided instead to use a thick glass cylinder for each speaker, mounting them with cut bamboo. The idea for this came to... Read more »


The winning project will be announced at MakerCon New York during the week of September 21. Here's a breakdown of the five finalists. Read more »

pineduino pinewood derby car

Makers come in many different forms, nationalities, and ages. The same can be said about the many projects that those Makers design and build, which range from robotics to automated homes and everything in between. One of the more interesting projects I came across at the Westport Maker Faire was from a young... Read more »