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Bored with playing games with a non-glowing ball? Why not build your own IcosaLEDron, a programmable, LED-enabled glowing contraption about the size of a baseball. This ball, as seen on Instructables, features 20 sides that light up as different colors depending on the situation. An ATmega328p board, which is Arduino-compatible,... Read more »

Pumpkin Pie In A Mason Jar ( Link)

Have some mason jars laying around? Make Thanksgiving decorations! Read more »

In the impromptu Makey Makey Photo Booth, a high-five completes the circuit and triggers the camera.

Blindfolded, the child sat at a table before a set of toy bricks and another set of cubes. The child was asked to pick them up and sort them, putting bricks on one side and cubes on the other. It’s a simple but useful task for a 3-year-old, one of... Read more »


Cardiac arrest survival rate could rise from 8% to 80% with the help of drones Read more »

Atomic Shrimp’s Two Hour Trebuchet was designed and constructed in a mere 2-hours (hence the name). Amazingly enough, there were no blueprints used for the build, which uses 1-ich batten for the frame and throwing arm. A heavy engineering brick strapped to a wooden skid serves as the counter weight, which is used to fire tennis balls as projectiles. (Link)

The DIY catapults and trebuchets are as varied in their design methods and materials as there are people in the hurling community. The age old siege weapon is still being used today in skirmishes on the modern battlefield. Read more »


This blinking rock sculpture by artist Eric Huebsch just can't help but look a little sentimental Read more »


"Flip lights" — turn them upside down, and they’re off. Turn them back up, and they’re on. Here's an easy soldering project that's really fun to use. New from Make: Volume 41. Read more »


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