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Today is ForceFriday — the day that all the Star Wars toys hit the shelves. People are going absolutely insane over it! Makers can’t just go buy toys though, they have to make stuff! Here are 17 things you can make to celebrate the occasion. Modify a drone into a... Read more »


A miter saw, commonly known as a "chop saw," is a tool that can easily and quickly cut a piece of wood or other material in two. Learn the basics of how to use one right here on Make:. Read more »


Miriam and Madison have biked across Europe visiting FabLabs and Makerspaces along the way. Check in with them in their final installment from Barcelona. Read more »

Photo: Daniel Lobo

You know what they say about one man's trash. Keep your eyes on the curbside to come up on these perfectly useful items. Read more »


We’ve gotten such a great response to the two recent tips posts I did, “6 ‘Now, Why Didn’t I Think of That?’ Shop Tips” and “5 Clever Tool Hacks,” that I decided to share some shop hacks from another YouTuber doing DIY project videos, Izzy Swan. In the video below,... Read more »


A recent incident involved a pilot colliding mid-air with a drone. Or was it a bird? Read more »


This Labor Day build a project to help automate your daily life. Don’t think about chores, just kick back and focus on what really matters. Read more »