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A. LED Matrix Tachometer Materials: Arduino + OBD-II TTL adapter + LED matrix Cost: $100 Monitor your engine’s RPM and improve your manual shifting precision with a breakout LED tachometer. B. Car Diagnostic Display Materials: Raspberry Pi + TFT shield + OBD-II Bluetooth adapter + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter Cost: $130... Read more »

Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, inventor of Sugru

Inventor Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh talks about finding her product’s niche Read more »

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Backyard games like Cornhole are a lot of fun. But you can make them even better by adding lights and sounds. By hooking up some simple electronics, you can make the board light up and play a victory fanfare whenever someone scores. Here is how to make it. Read more »


The Amazing Air-Filled Under-Sea Adventure used more than 40,000 balloons to fill the building’s five-story atrium Read more »


Instead of dropping them in a tank of water, this crazy creation puts a person inside a chamber full of fire. Read more »


If you’ve used a desktop music application, you’ve probably discovered some type of hypnotic visualization feature that renders patterns and colors that are synchronized to your tunes. But how many of those visualizations create a 3D model viable for 3D printing? My bet is probably zero. Blair Neal, a Brooklyn-based... Read more »


PVC pipe is a versatile material that finds its way into all manner of projects. Whether you’re building furniture, making art, or even just plumbing your sink, here are a few techniques that will ensure that your project is a success. SECURING PVC Because PVC pipe is round, it tends to... Read more »