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Create your own custom spooky halloween skull treats using this configurable, parametric 3D printed mold form. Created in OpenSCAD by combining a scanned skull with a parametric box to create a food-safe silicone chocolate skull mold. Read more »


Tired of the same humdrum pumpkin carving routine year after year? Growing weary of identical jack-o-lanterns up and down your street? Here’s a techy, glowy fix that won’t catch fire, unless you consider the droves of fans at your doorstep too hot to handle. Today we’re making an electroluminescent jack-o-lantern... Read more »


Build a simple light-sensing circuit that switches an LED on when the lights go out. Read more »

Robot Resurrection Debut

Where do you find four of the nation’s top ten new technology start-up cities? Where do you find leading arts and sculpture production?  Colorado!  And what happens when you bring together tech savvy, arts creativity, and innovative thinking?  The largest and most amazing Mini Maker Faire in the Rockies!!! At... Read more »


Just peel and stick LEDs, sensors, and even microcontrollers, to make instant circuits. Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.07.24 AM

Your Help Needed! A Make reader named Monique is about to get married. She would like to adorn her dress with LEDs. She’s just not sure how to. She wrote to us for help and we thought it better to go to you: How would you tackle this problem? Moreover, we... Read more »

Illuminated Skull Ring (Link)

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re not printing you’d better get started! Here are 25 gruesome and great things to print for this Halloween. Some items you can wear, some items are just perfect for placing around your house to set the spooky mood. Put that 3D printer to... Read more »


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