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The lights. The fire. The explosions. The dancing robots. There’s a lot to see at Maker Faire, and it can be difficult to digest it all in a short weekend. Thankfully, over the past 10 years there have been hundreds of Maker Faire videos, ones produced by Make:, ones done... Read more »

My favorite tool in the barn

Here at Make: we love using and discussing the latest, most innovative tools. After all, better tools help us build better projects. But what happens to the old tools we no longer need? Evidently, some of them receive a second life as items in the Antique Tool Museum in Nevada City, California.... Read more »


It'll primarily describe the wearer's attention, but that translates nicely into a game, in which two players compete to focus their attention and achieve a goal Read more »


MakerCon was developed for Makers like Erin Tomson, someone who has an idea to make something better and wants to learn the process of talking that idea and developing into a product that creates value for the Maker community. As Erin tells us below, she came to MakerCon last year... Read more »


Workbenches are a highly personal thing. Certainly no two (non-industrial) benches are set up the same way. Off-the-shelf tools, such as a vise or soldering station are great to have, but what if you want something truly unique? The six DIY bench accessories shown below will allow you to customize... Read more »


Racing toy cars, like Pinewood Derby or CO2 dragsters, is a lot of fun. But if you want to compare the results of multiple races, you need be able to accurately record the finishing times of each one. To do this, I designed a timer circuit that will automatically record... Read more »

Swedish artist, designer, and master crafter Love Hultén creates devices and furniture that combine the past with the modern technologies of the moment. His ridiculously cool Brix System scales up “high tech” Lego bricks (computers, monitors, button panels, phones) and brings them to live as fully functional devices. Made from... Read more »