Hide the device in the cupboard or fridge, and when the it detects movement, it will take a picture and post it right to your email! And if you use IFTTT, then you can automatically post the picture of the thief to Facebook, Twitter and show the thief's face to... Read more »


As Oculus Rift, Jawbone, and Spark have increased the stature of hardware startups over the past several years, a dizzying number of resources have sprung up to support new ventures. In the no-nonsense “Hardware Incubators, The Guide,” now available as an eBook, MakingSociety founder Mathilde Berchon sifts through the specific spaces now available to hardware entrepreneurs.... Read more »


Have you ever loved an old car but wanted it to have some of today’s practical features? Reddit user WorldwideBrandt has. He loves his 1999 Subaru Forester and he loves upgrading it. This project is a modification of the space directly in front of the stick shift into a wireless... Read more »

solar chariot by Bob Schneeveis

Bob Schneeveis is on a mission to save the world from itself through the creation of sustainable solar vehicles. He has been building walking chariots and other unique conveyances since a knee injury got him interested in the structure of the knee and the mechanics of walking. For over 30... Read more »


A Spanish 3D printing firm demonstrated a new scanner by creating 3D scans of all 318 residents of Torrequebradilla, a small village in southern Spain, in just one day. The event was part of a nationwide promotional tour organized by Grupo Sicnova to advertise the scanning speed of the Clonescan... Read more »


How to fuse old plastic bags together into thick recycled sheets you can use in your projects. Read more »