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Photo: Hep Svadja. All other photos: Courtesy of Uplift Aeronautics.

How to adapt a UAV Drone with a dropper mechanism. Read more »


Whether you're missing Burning Man this year or you're about to head out to the playa, check out the most impressive art cars that will be cruising the desert. Read more »


Watch as metalworking artist Philip Cook demonstrates his skill with "painting" brilliant colors onto copper with a blowtorch. Read more »


Created by designer Zelf Koelman, Ferrolic is a clock that displays time in a liquid that is controlled by magnets. Yes, really. Read more »

Detail of lashing a coaming onto the skin of a Greenland kayak

Don Fraser has been building kayaks for 45 years, and he will be coming to Shreveport Mini Maker Faire this month to share his expertise. Read more »


Whether you are already into steampunk, or just curious, you should check out the new TV show 'Steampunk'd' on GSNTV. Read more »

Max Microsite

To celebrate the milestone of publishing 1,000 user-created projects using Max interactive software, parent company Cycling ‘74 created a microsite highlighting all 1,000 projects. Read more »