Did you know that, because PLA filament is a bioplastic, it is susceptible to moisture? That moisture can attract dirt and dust and spool it right into your print head (or the filament can even expand and jam the head). Because of this, it’s a really good idea to keep... Read more »

Lost Screw Finder.mp4.00_00_41_22.Still001

Ever have a screw loose? If so, you might need this easy to build attachment to help you find that screw — including plastic ones that a magnet would miss. Thanks go to Frank Ford for the original article in Make: Vol 13. You can download the entire project in  PDF  format for... Read more »


Note: These excerpts are adapted with permission from Evil Mad Scientist Lab co-founder Windell Oskay’s new Make: book, The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory, originally published by Raymond E. Barrett in 1963 and just given an update by Windell for the 21st century. We’re increasingly surprised and gratified to discover how the... Read more »

The Avert deployment platform- complete with robots and vehicle lift.

Sci-fi movies imagine worlds where robots rebel against their creators and try to take over, but in reality there have been several studies and inventions that use robotics to help out humans in areas such as hospitals and schools. One European team of scientists has a created a team of... Read more »

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Many of us have a nostalgic connection to the Game Boy. Sure, the screen was small and in black and white (or was it green?), but if you were a child of the 80s, this was as good as it got for portable gaming. Unless, of course, you could afford... Read more »


Assembly has long been emphasized as a selling point for children’s toys, from Lincoln Logs and Legos to Tinkertoys, Hexbugs, and K’nex. After all, what’s the fun in buying and playing with something that you don’t get to assemble yourself? In the latest iteration of such kits, artist and designer Tomoo... Read more »

Shapeoko 3

Back in 2012 I wrote a piece on Shapeoko, Edward Ford, and his CNC community. At the time he was on the verge of bringing the first good quality, affordable CNC to market. Now in 2015 he’s releasing Shapeoko 3 and by all evidence his guiding principles haven’t changed. With the release... Read more »