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The FAA is considering rules for drone flight, but we can do a lot as a community to ensure their proper use as well. Read more »

fifth element stone candle holders

Though The Fifth Element has quite a cult following, it has never become popular enough for companies to come out with easily-available memorabilia, making it a perfect candidate for a homemade prop project. Read more »


Self-trained "hobbyist engineer" Ed Zarick added running water to the outside of his jeep with a reservoir he installed in his bumper. Read more »

All photos: Nathan Hurst/Maker Media

This art project at the San Francisco Exploratorium uses an old Huffy bike, a shipping container, and the tide to imitate Bosun's whistle. Read more »


Maker decides to combine his love of making and love of watches to create a watch with impressive, professional-looking results. Read more »


A kid's homework table lifts up to reveal a NASA-inspired mission control center. Follow along for help in building your own. Read more »