On June 6-7, 2015, designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, government leaders, and other innovators will convene in Providence and Middletown, RI for the first dual-city Rhode Island Hackathon. As part of the team who is organizing this event, I’d like to invite you to join us. The event is free of charge... Read more »


3D Printing Pharmaceuticals Researchers in London are working on a way to 3D print pills. The shape and surface area of a pill are surprisingly important in how the drug is released into your system, so their idea is that specifically-shaped pills could meet a specific patient’s treatment needs. And futurists... Read more »


Build this surprisingly resilient structure, then make it move. From our new book, Making Simple Robots. Read more »

othermill wider

It takes a village to make the Othermill desktop CNC mill, but despite current trends offshore, that village is based in the San Francisco Bay Area instead of Chinese manufacturing hotbed Shenzhen. Read more »

wood bike fender

Not all bikes come with fenders, but they can be really handy to have. Without a bike fender, driving through a puddle can be cringeworthy. Once your wheel hits that water, your back is bound to be showered in a disgusting mess, and don’t even think of going out biking when... Read more »


The San Francisco Bazaar was back again for the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. There were 85 booths with 90 artists showing off and selling the amazing things they’ve made. There was everything from laser cut jewelry to paintings to handcrafted metal garden art. We didn’t get a chance to interview everyone... Read more »

Grady Hillhouse used two pieces of walnut, a piece of paduak, and a lathe to turn out an awesome pair of spoons/scoops.

It’s interesting to see what can be made using a lathe. Beyond making simple table legs, users have created everything from intricately designed pens to highly detailed jewelry using a myriad of materials. Wood, one of the more versatile materials, can be combined and manipulated with other types to create... Read more »