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You can learn a lot about life by watching combat robots destroy each other. Read more »


A truncated icosahedron is a 20-sided polyhedron, and there's a good chance you haven't realized its potential as a shop lighting fixture. Read more »


Jonathan Moore's art installation is an autonomous mechanical contraption that operates based on updates on U.S. military drone strikes. Read more »


Internet radio is a great way to listen to stations from all around the world. But finding a way to casually listen to these stations at home isn’t convenient. Stand alone internet radios are costly, and hooking your computer directly up to your stereo isn’t ideal. Out of frustration, people... Read more »


You could call it a trashlight, a handy and handsome AA flashlight made out of little more than a soda can and a cereal box (plus a bulb and two AA batteries). Before you say anything, yes, of course you can buy super-cheap penlights like this. But that would be... Read more »

Butterfly World (12-sided, 18").

God's Eyes are composed of yarn woven. around two crossed sticks. Artist Jay Mohler takes these usually simple crafts to a whole new level Read more »


Master drone maker Olivier C makes a quadcopter version of the Incom T-70 X-Wing from the forthcoming Star Wars film. Read more »