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This sky tracking platform matches the eath's rotation in the simplest way possible. A basic regulator circuit powers a DC gear-head motor, which turns a pair of gears that engage a curved length of threaded rod, and makes the hinge open at the correct speed. You can build it in... Read more »


Designed for Burning Man and powered by Orchard, these badges mimic genetics. When two badges come into contact, their light pattern changes. Read more »

Payload Tested at COSMIAC for viability of 3D Printed Circuits. (Credit: COSMIAC)

We talk to Craig Kief and Brian Zufelt from COSMIAC about their plans not just to fly the Raspberry Pi into orbit, but to 3D print the satellite that's going to take it there. Read more »


Bring pixel art to the third dimension with this easy cut out technique. Read more »


Make Halloween truly terrifying with these nightmare-inducing costumes. Read more »


Monitor the skies to spot asteroids and help save the Earth from annihilation by interplanetary projectiles. Read more »


The team at krtkl is crowdfunding Snickerdoodle, a hybrid development board that has an ARM application processor with an onboard FPGA. Read more »