Mashing up Google maps and Gasbuddy = locations of cheap gas in your area on a Google map (map or satellite view). Just choose a city- then the data on the right side is updated cheapest gas prices. If you have mobile high speed access you could add a GPS and have this running while you drive. In the future, maybe our cars will do this for us. Via Robotwisdom. Link.

  • bcostin

    That’s crazy. So Sony is claiming they have a legal right to control how how you use or resell an obsolete tape player made back in 1987?

  • mwproductions

    Perhaps it’s time for a call to the ACLU…

  • blubrick

    Sony’s attack lawyers were right to issue a C&D nastygram. This was not just a one-off thing, it was a product offered for sale by someone other than Sony, yet it bore Sony’s trademarks. That’d probably be enough under most legal jurisdictions.
    BUT… as for the possibility of people being misled into thinking that Sony is backward in its design of products and is going away from miniaturization, and the fact that they were apparently more concerned by that prospect than by misuse of their trademark, all I can say is:
    I think someone needs to recheck the contents of their Mild7’s.

  • mwproductions

    Ah well, since they were trying to sell it I can understand Sony’s actions. I guess that’s what I get for not following a link. -Þ