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Mashing up Google maps and Gasbuddy = locations of cheap gas in your area on a Google map (map or satellite view). Just choose a city- then the data on the right side is updated cheapest gas prices. If you have mobile high speed access you could add a GPS and have this running while you drive. In the future, maybe our cars will do this for us. Via Robotwisdom. Link.

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.



  1. says:

    Not quite the results you expect. Since GasBuddy does not require users to input a gas station address that Google Maps can decode, most of the stations don’t make it to the map.

  2. pco says:

    Another great mashup:

    With the recent chariy fraud, is helping people see what charities do with their funds by plotting the locations of the aid they give on a Google Map. Lines extend from the charity’s headquarters to each location.

    The home page represents the Citigroup Foundation. Charity’s are allowed to request their own free map sites.

  3. DaTruth says:

    I wouldn’t trust Gas Buddy since most of the prices are invented by other members in order to get points.

    When I was using Gas Buddy I found that more often then not the prices were bogus. If they want something accurate, they should use AAA.