27209158 6A44Ca5Dc8 MI’m posting this from 30,000 feet in the air using Boeing’s Connexion wireless service on their planes, so far so good. I’ll have a lot of photos, audio and video posted soon- but for now, check out all these as they upload from the air!!

  • Comic_Strip_Blogger

    it’s a pity, pt, that you don’t have hp ipaq hw6515 with add-on wi-fi. It has assisted GPS and would certainly get GPS fix inside of the airplane. I always wanted to use GPS in airplane but here in Europe airflights are so short and crew is not allowing for gadgets on board..

  • Bethgo

    Call me back! My ringer was off :/


  • celerityfm

    That was really cool to chat with you sir. Keep up the great work!

    CSB- I once flew on a USAir767 that had projection screen’s showing GPS data including altitude and speed plus destination ETA, it was really neat!