6 Here’s a HOW TO on making those sturdy board books people tend to give kids when they’re younger…Cut 5″x5″ boards from pressed cardboard. I used Bienfang illustration board but any pressed (not corrugated) cardboard that’s about 1/16″ thick will do. You’ll need enough for the interior pages, plus the front and back cover. Round two of the corners…To protect the pages from smudging, cover them with clear adhesive sheets. I used JM laminating sheets. Link.

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    why is this gone :'( need a tutorial for this so bad, have to make a book for school and i’m studying graphic design, so all the ‘altering board books’-tuts are no use

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see the whole “DIY kid’s Board Book” too – the “link” is not working :(
    Can anyone help?

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    The wayback machine archived the site for anyone still looking for this tutorial :) http://web.archive.org/web/20090204075936/http://degroof.home.mindspring.com/boardbook/boardbook.html Hope that helps someone!