Tie-1 Before nylon cable ties, bundles of cables were held together by waxed nylon cord. It’s still a nice way to to do harnesses in tight spaces, and, I think, looks much more elegant than nylon ties. It’s almost a lost art- few people under 50 know how to do it! (google “waxed lacing cord” to find sources of cord). Thanks Rob! Link.

  • brianlarsen

    I wholeheartedly aggree and am even under 30 :)

    I learned how to do this in aerospace work where every gram and 1/10″ matters a lot.

    I figured that I would post references to this so that all could learn…

    NASA standard for this (NASA STD 8739.4):
    direclty to the tying:



    Where I learned:

  • RobCruickshank

    I have somewhere, a NASA publication that includes that page, as well as soldering techniques, and so forth. It’s excellent, although I’m not sure if it’s still in print. I’ve posted a picture of some laced cables on Flickr here .

  • egarner

    In the data center where I used to work, lacing was standard practice since zipties can kink cables/fibers.