Mem-1Digitaler Lumpensammler sent in this wonderful collection of cassette tapes – when memories were named memorex…There are hundreds on this Japanese page – and the funny thing is you can tell exactly which ones were from the 80’s. Link.

  • sambot

    Yes! There was another collection like this one that I blogged about early this summer. I think it was a Russian site. It looks like it’s in need of some maintenance though. It’s interesting that that memorex tape from above is the definitive blank tape from the 80s. I chose that tape to accompany my post too!

  • northnoise

    that link rules, thanks for sharing it!!! brought back a ton of memories. However, it should be noted that the tape picture in your post is not from the 80s but from the early 90s.

    I bought those in bulk to make tapes for my punk band in 1992 or so.