458558465Kdlhxb ThRPS writes “Low tech how-to on making sound insulating earphones for listening to music while drumming, operating machinery (or doing anything else in a loud enviro) using cheap ear protectors and headphones.” Link.

  • witczak

    Two words: Big deal?

  • witczak

    Show me something challenging like noise cancellation headphones.

  • unterhausen

    I’m sure there are still headphones that offer fairly high levels of isolation from the outside world.

    It would be cool to make your own noise cancelling headphones. I went to a talk once by someone who had done their Ph.D. thesis on the subject. When it came down to the algorithm actually used, the presenter said it was too hard to explain and skipped it.

  • Gutbucketeer

    Thanks for the idea. I decided to avoid soldering, by popping the ear padding off the ear cups and cutting a slit in the bottom of the cup rather than drilling a hole. When I reassemble everything it works great! I baught the ear protectors for $11 at Home Despot.