• jeremiahjohnson

    Most KB Toystores have these in a complete boxed set for $25 that includes the JuiceBox, the mp3 adapter and some memory cards and some other stuff. Great deal if you’re interested in this. The KB’s I’ve seen this at are all in the Boston area, but i’ve been to several and they all had it.

  • olduser

    …has the details on making a cartridge that can boot any unmodified Mattel JuiceBox into a Linux-based environment.

    It appears that the operative word here is can as opposed to does (boot).
    Reading through the wiki and the forums it is obvious that only one person is claiming to have booted to Linux using a cartridge on an unmodified JuiceBox.
    The dmesg and serial output reports are all from the resident (non interactive) Linux image (used to play MP3s) or from an image loaded into RAM through JTAG.

    So, if you’re interested you can still be the first to show the way. The JuiceBox looks like a nice ARM based portable with LCD, audio, and an expansion port. You only need to add JTAG and serial, all explained on the wiki, to get started.

    Have fun!