Vurdlak writes – “These people figured out some way of doing an incredibly distorted drawing so that when they stood a reflective cylinder (cylinder mirror) in the middle of it, the reflection showed the picture as intended. One of these is of Mission San Rafael, the exact view you’d see if I tilted my Nikon digital camera up – Escher portrait lyes inside this photo. “Link.

  • kaden

    Oddly, I remember buying a Rick Wakeman LP in the ’70’s that included a sheet of mirrorized mylar (to roll into a cylindrical mirror) and trippy distorted cover art for you to ‘decode’.

    Album art used to be so damned cool. Them danged CDs ruined a nice medium.

  • toffu

    there’s no trick, really. just set the sheet up, put the cylinder, and draw using the cylinder to see and not the sheet. so you draw “on” the cylinder with your pencil on the paper.

  • neatorama

    This one is Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island by Istvan Orovitz.