Steve writes “I finally got tired of my powerbook’s screen falling down when I was reclining on the couch with it, so I made a clamp that holds the screen in place when I’m exploring the ergonomics of my couch. Included are photos of the actual device and a link to the sketch up file.”Link.

  • shumacher

    I don’t like to post negative comments, but this really looks like build instructions for a small, silver box of regret. If you’re not careful, you’ll bend your LCD frame… Sadly, the LCD itself does not bend.

  • stevecooley

    I’ll take my chances.

  • modulo9

    The older TI books have hinge problems. My hinges have broken from normal use on my 15in Ti Book from 2002. These things might be good for adding more support to the weak hinges.

  • acidrain69

    You can’t just tighten the LCD hinges? When my Dell got loose, I just pulled a panel off the top and tightened 2 screws, and it was better than new.

  • ryan.shuck

    Check out that guy’s pants. Are those polar bears?