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Sensational Nightingale’s writes – “$5 homemade bracket for mounting xm radio. My wife’s dashboard doesn’t have a single flat surface for mounting with double-sided tape. The radio manual recommends buying an aftermarket bracket: I found one for $40, but could not bear to pay so much for a little piece of metal. I bought a small sheet of 22 gauge steel from Lowe’s, cut it with snips, bent it in my vise, and drilled a few holes. “Link.

  • RobCruickshank

    Buttons????!!! I suppose kids today can’t deal with paddles.
    (note to the under 40s: Paddle=knob)

  • IrregularShed

    These are available in the UK from Maplin Electronics for £9.99 – a bargain!


  • amagni

    They were selling these in Australia a few years ago, and I got four on clearance when they were discontinued.
    I got bored with the little buttons and made a nice house for it.
    My Shiny Pong Machine