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Irregular Shed writes – “One Epson DMD-206 display – the ones normally used on tills in supermarkets – hacked to be connected to a PC via its serial port, and hooked up to an IBM Thinkpad running Xubuntu Linux (Ubuntu with Xfce – because this is an old laptop). Why? Because I can =) “Link.

  • jihgo

    I would be happy just to get Volume 6 delivered :(
    Australia isn’t that far away.

  • philliptorrone

    we do international, and we also have the digital edition… that’s instant! and you can print it out!

    Print Edition plus the Digital Edition – US $49.95
    Digital Edition Only – 4 Volumes: US $26.95

  • jihgo

    I am a subscriber already!. It’s just the mail from you to me is FUBAR.
    Hopefully I will get the reshipped copy soon.

  • philliptorrone

    theres are a lot of people/places/things that happens to a MAKE once it leaves us, but if you dont get your 06 soon – just email me, we’ll get you one.

  • [email protected]

    I’m a premium subscriber from Australia and have yet to receive my Make06 [I love the Digital Edition tho’] maybe this is a trend…

  • philliptorrone

    international takes a bit, if you don’t get it in a week or so – just email me, we’ll get you taken care of.

  • jihgo

    Hi Richard
    I had a look at remarkablerocket.com.
    Is that some of your handywork?
    Well done, thats some fine DIY.

  • blubrick


    I too am in .au and I renewed my subscription for Volume 06. It had not arrived within 3 weeks of the distribution date. I sent an email to [email protected] (I didn’t know what to replace “replace” with) detailing the situation. I got an immediate email response and about 3 weeks later, a shiny new (*) Make Vol 06.

    Their distribution might suck somewhat, but their customer service really is quite good.

    (* Not actually shiny – more of a satin/matte finish)

  • jihgo

    Yes, I agree on the customer service.
    This is the second time that I have had to get the mag resent and I’ve only been been subscribed for 2 issues.
    Both times there was no hassle to get a copy resent but if it keeps happening the Make people might think I’m just trying to scam extra copies.
    There must be some sort of Make mag black hole dealie thing between the US and Oz.

  • poobum

    This is Richard again, i just changed my screen name from the rather annoying plain text email address [i get enough spam already]… thanks, yes, she is partly my handywork.

  • paulsw

    I’m another Ausie you can add to the list of people who haven’t received Vol 6. I had hassles with Vol 4 and Vol 5 too. I sent an email about Vol 6 today. Maybe I should send a reminder email or something when Vol 7 ships :-)