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All Hexayurts Web Dimensions
Plans, history and how-tos on making “Hexayurts” – “A hexayurt is a new design for refugee shelters. The “hexayurt design pattern” simplifies geodesic dome geometry so that it can be built using standard 4′ x 8′ sheet goods of whatever kind are appropriate to the task at hand: hexacomb cardboard, plywood, foam. The design has been slightly tested in the real world and stands up very well.” [via] – Link & assembly video of an 8′ hexayurt.


  • HOW TO – Make a geodesic dome – Link.
  • DIY Geodesic dome project – Link.
  • HOW TO – Build a Geodesic dome out of cardboard – Link.

  • nopanacea

    Almost a year later, this amazing project is still very alive and constantly being bettered and tested. Come see the new developments and add your own ideas at Hexayurt Project.

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