This homemade cat wheel not only exercises the kitty but will dispense food in intervals – [via] – Link.

  • DGary

    hook up a bunch in parallel, with generators, and find a crazy old lady with a bunch of cats…

    light up Vegas with enough of em.

  • millsra

    I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. My cats on the other hand think “What!?! Work for our food. No way.”

  • Lagg

    I agree with Millsra.

    Awesome device , but no way would my cat go to such elaborate means to get food. Getting dangerouly close to knocking off expensive things or doing a really annoying meow storm is much more effecient way to get food in his mind.

  • Shadyman

    You COULD light vegas, that is, until the cats stop for food. And then… The Great Darkness!

  • DGary

    That’s what syncronizing the multiple sets would be for, failover

  • isnoop

    Holy crap. I’m going to start this just as soon as I’m done with my current project! …assuming the wife will let me put this in our home.

  • terrie

    Too fun! I wonder how long it takes the cat to get the hang of it?