I like that these come in a little zip lock baggy. I wonder if the cardboard boxes actually enhance the sound and work as a bass box or just make them more stackable? [Via] – Link

  • burtoholmes

    i love all things muji. but the pair i had din’t sound too rockin.

  • jmillerid

    cool idea, but the cardboard box probably doesn’t help the sound quality at all. To be effective it would need to be essentially sealed, with a deliberately placed/shaped port. And not thin cardboard.

  • wdudley

    about jmillerid’s post: tragically, what he says fails to be true. A cardboard box makes a perfectly reasonable speaker enclosure. Yes, admittedly, if you’re looking for “hi-fi” response, a sealed or ported wooden box will be superior, but then, nobody expects hi-fi from a 1.5″ driver. It turns out that you can even get audible baffling (blocking of the wave off the rear of the driver) just by holding a bare driver with one edge touching a table or wall — that will noticably improve the bass response and overall efficiency.

    So – yes, the cardboard boxes actually have noticable acoustic value.

  • jmillerid

    You may be right dudley, I’m not a specialist in engineering speaker systems. What I wrote I gleaned from Altec Lansing’s engineers while working with them on the industrial design of their entry level PC speakers. With 2.5″ drivers and no sub they sound amazingly good, thanks in part to the sealed and ported enclosure (of injection molded plastic). At almost twice the price, these cardboard satellites had better sound pretty “hi fi” unless, tragically, you’re paying for the “design”.

  • Mesach

    Pioneer used to have these in red plastic, I think they were giveaways at a conference.

  • aplumb

    For those serious about DIY audio, speaker construction, etc. I highly recommend a magazine called audioXpress.

  • mechanisma22

    I saw these on “I WAnt That!” on HGTV. Even folded up they seem they would take up alot of room.

  • john-manoogian-III

    @jmillerid: paying for good design isn’t tragic any more than paying for a good meal is tragic.

  • john-manoogian-III

    @jmillerid: paying for good design is no more “tragic” than paying for a good meal is tragic.

  • b

    i bought these, in hopes of using them with my laptop. the volume is weaker than the laptop speakers. i am a sucker for their design and would like to keep them. anyone know of a way to amplify them?