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The Washington Post has an epic article about the art and lore of the venerable spun gun, our own William Gurstelle is quoted too! … – “Payne and his neighbor, Dave Anders, embarked on their particular adventure armed with Wal-Mart bags stuffed with $97.09 worth of PVC pipe, sparking flint, ammunition, targets, beer and hair spray. They would labor through the night, shaping these humble materials. It was a ritual as old as that of the early inhabitants of North America when they flaked humble rock into the Clovis points that became the spears with which they would conquer the wilderness. Rob and Dave built a spudgun.” Thanks Daniel! – Link.

Pictured here, our spun gun from MAKE 03…

DIY Spud gun remix… – Link.
HOW TO make Advanced Spud Guns – Link.
$25 Potato canon – Link.

From the pages of MAKE
The Night Lighter – Launch potato projectiles 200+ yards with this stun-gun triggered, high-powered potato cannon with see-thru action. MAKE 03 – Page 108.

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