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The fine folks at Hormel foods have some stencils for pumpkins as well as how to carve a pumpkin and how to roast pumpkin seeds… Check it out/bookmark [via] – Link.


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Phillip Torrone

Phillip Torrone

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4 Responses to Jack-o-lantern stencils

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  1. I got tired of using the safe version of the pumpkin tools so I made my own. Most folks have one or two of those “freebie” screwdrivers (philips on one end flat blade on the other)lying around so….
    Grind down the edges of the flat blade
    Heat up the philips end (with a blow torch) and pull it out or use your muscles
    Go to your local hardware store and pick up a 10 TPI (10 Teeth Per Inch) jigsaw blade
    Heat up the end of the jigsaw blade and shove in into the hole where the philips was.

    Now you’ve got the perfect tool for making jack-o-lanterns. The jig saw blade if much fast and precise in my opinion. Don’t foget to slather the inside of the pumpkin with vasoline to keep it fresher longer and don’t use a candle it just speeds up the decomposition of the pumpkin.

  2. philliptorrone on said:

    wow, can you take a picture of this and send it to me pt at makezine d0t com

  3. bonniegrrl on said:

    Star Wars-themed Jack-o-lantern Stencils can be found here:

  4. Oracle1729 on said:

    I was going to carve a sencil one last haloween but at the last minute I decided I’d prefer the traditional toothy grin. Once again I’m planning to do a stencil but we’ll see.

    Why does the candle speed up decomposition? I would have thought drying out the inside would help. You’re probably right though since mine always rot away very fast.

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