Bizarre Taxidermy 003
So today is shaping up to be a banner day for taxidermy, if this keeps up we’ll do “taxidermy Tuesday” – any way, here’s a gallery of “bizarre taxidermy” – some gems include: cyclops fish, two headed cats/rabbits/baby chicks and some other one-eye oddities… [via] – Link.

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From the pages of MAKE:
Volume 07: Backyard Biology – Hack your plants, extract your DNA, freeze and revive a snail…grow some mushrooms – Link & subscriber log in.

  • JaredBoehm

    My favorite is the cute little bunny rabbit… with two heads and BIG POINTY TEETH!

  • svofski

    So for the second time on the same day I have a feeling that I made a mistake in url line and got redirected to stileproject instead of Make. Good work guys.

  • philliptorrone

    svofski – taxidermy is an artform that’s been around for thousands of years.

  • svofski

    Philip – of course I know that and I don’t object when it’s applied for science/education. As someone sharply said in previous entry comments – leaves some dignity to those animals. But it makes me sad when it’s used for entertainment, which is clearly the case here. I don’t feel like there’s not enough hard-heartedness around me. I mean, they died already, let them rest in peace.

  • philliptorrone

    yah, some people are ok with taxidermy, some aren’t it’s ok – there’s room for everyone :)

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