Organ Today
Matthias Wandel build an incredible pipe organ, check out the story, sound samples and the build photos, he writes – “With my nonexistent music abilities, and my limited budget, I couldn’t justify buying myself a little Casio synthesizer or something like that. The only way I could justify owning a musical instrument was if I actually BUILT it. I am very fortunate that my dad has a very large and wonderful woodworking shop. When I went home for christmas that year, I started experimenting with pipes. That christmas was particularly busy for me, as I also built two tables, because the house I was renting with friends was a little bit under-furnished.” [via] – Link.


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  • Fredex

    Wow! That’s great.

  • AP

    Whoa; nostalgia trip. I just had flashbacks to reading those build notes in college, maybe ten years ago. Kudos for digging them up.

  • Angstrom

    it’s good to know our comments get read eventually !

  • NineInchNachos

    Yay for Pipe Organs! My friend in Juneau, Alaska is building a pipe organ in his bed room too!

  • Anonymous

    man thats awesome! i´ve been thinking of building a pipe organ or a flügel in the distant future..
    i can picture myself playing a massive dark pipe organ in the night.. like toccata & fugue or something :D dramatic , impressive