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Stargate rocks(ed) well, the seasons with Lt. O’Neil/Gould… and so do LEGOs, so this is just perfect… Kelly writes – “This rotating Stargate is 19 inches tall with light-up chevrons. An RCX drives a treadmill, which spins the inner ring randomly for x seconds, then reverses direction, seven times. Won best medium space award and best brick mod at BrickFest 2005.” Thanks edison142! – Link.


  • LEGO projects @ MAKE – Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. edison142 says:

    I’m so mad Sci Fi cancelled stargate in mid season, they at least could have waited for this season to end. I also hope MGM finds a different network. Best stargate moc i have ever seen. If you love stargate sign a petion to save all you have to do is type save stargate on Google and you’ll find plenty

  2. spongebathe says:

    Wow, as authentic looking as LEGO can get. Kudos.

  3. nullsmack says:

    scifi is going to run the rest of season 10 of sg1, but both series are on break until march!

  4. gnomic00 says:

    I bet you could made a pretty good holograpic image of the “gate opening” sequence, then use a laser and sound effects to re-create it.

    But — wow – great job. Hope Lego sells this as a kit!

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