Outstanding, here’s a DIY version of those fancy magnetic Apple power connectors, Breath writes – “My Thinkpad’s power connection started getting flaky, so I made a magnetic connector that works just like Apple’s MagSafe connectors. It’s effective, cool-looking, and breaks away cleanly when kicked. I used common materials that I had around or could find at my local hardware store, so you should be able to duplicate my efforts.

These directions should work for any power connector that has the same basic design, if you make adaptations for differing sizes. See the second and third pictures in this step for a “before” portrait and a little bit of terminology.

This modification isn’t destructive in any way, so it should be possible to restore your laptop to its original condition just by removing the pieces you’ve glued on. You can’t use an unmodified power adapter once you’ve modded your laptop, but fortunately it’s pretty easy to make the plug part, so you can make two or more spares.”Link.


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  • isnoop

    Very interesting idea, but Apple’s design won’t short and shower you with sparks if you mishandle it.

  • Marked

    How long will it take for the aluminum rod to oxidize a nice electrical insulated layer?

  • phooky-again

    I’m still not sold on the magnet idea. I put an ugly-looking pigtail connector on my laptop a couple of years ago that served the same purpose just as well.

  • monopole

    Zojirushi had the cord design as part of it’s kitchen appliances a long time before Apple adopted it.

  • micah

    yea, now if only you could take all the other ways apples are superior and put them in the thinkpad…