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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Ericjeff19 writes – “My parents basement always needed a new cd player after their last one crapped out so i bought a old Zenith Radio and installed a touchscreen so they could have a professional jukebox like a bar. Happy Anniversary”Link.


  • DIY Jukeboxes @ MAKE – Link.

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From the pages of MAKE:

  • baikie

    I’m working on a similar project (not as advanced though). If the maker is around, what software, OS did you use for this project? I’m curious to compare notes with people doing similar projects.

  • Mic_Hall

    I am working on such a thing too. My problem is that I have never found a good looking touch-fiendly CD organizer for PC…

  • Allen

    I have a smiliar setup at home and I use eJukebox. I have used it for 5+ years all the while looking for anything better, and always come back to it.