John really likes roller coasters, but didn’t want to wait in line, so he made “The Blue Flash”, a 180-foot long homemade coaster featuring a 360-degree loop – took about a year and cost about the same as taking the family to Disney… [via] – Link.


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  • trebuchet03

    amazingly cool… at the same time it is a perfect example of what you don’t want on an amusement ride (but the attempt is commendable). There’s a pretty good reason why roller coast loops are generally clothoidal and not circular. Notice how the passengers are jerked around at the entrance and exit of the loop – that’s literally excessive jerk (change in acceleration). I just wouldn’t let young kids ride :/

  • tms10000

    Yes it looks totally safe. And there’s absolutely no chance to break one’s neck. Safe.

    Kudos to the guy!

  • jslice

    i wonder if this guys insurance company knows he’s letting people ride a homemade roller coaster on his property?

  • IrregularShed


  • rracer24

    hey! he deleted it! :(