Jake writes – “This week I rescued a couple of desktops from an industrial park dumpster, they were in good shape though the bases were either missing or damaged. I had been about to purchase a solid core door blank from Home Depot to make a workbench out of but I realized that 2 workbench/carts would actually work better in my small shop. These two bench/carts were made entirely of reclaimed material, primarily bed frame angle iron. Here’s how…”Link.

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  • wackyvorlon

    Mind, I’m not sure how pointful the scrap bedframe iron is. Iron angle is dead cheap from steel suppliers, around here 1″x1″x1/8″ steel angle runs about $8 for 20 feet.

  • jonegti

    Those are wicked sweet carts! I clicked on a google ad on your page for wheeled carts and found them going for $455.
    Nice work, maybe locking wheels, or rotating caster wheels on the next batch.

  • vonSlatt

    Hi jonegti,

    The casters do rotate. I did consider buying some locking wheels but a set of 8 would have cost $65 so I’ll wait for the dumpster gods to bless me.


  • TB

    DA BAD