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Here’s a useful Excel sheet you can use to calculate how much stuff you’ll need to buy for Thanksgiving… Spacejockey writes – “Shopping calculator that will present a complete Thanksgiving shopping list, and how much to cook of each menu item, after just entering a few variables.”Link.

I happen to have Excel on this computer, but it should work in OpenOffice too… Oh, also check out our DIY Thanksgiving post – Link.

  • rwo

    It doesn’t seem to count kids differently than adults.

  • akira117

    Love the story!
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  • [email protected]

    More for the adults!

  • spacejockeys

    This doesn’t count kids differently than adults…some kids eat more than I do, and some eat less! If you have light-eating kids, the calculator will comfortably handle decimals. For example, I’d enter 2.5 to feed two adults and a picky 8-year-old.

    Also: if you are “cooking challenged” and would like to get the recipes that go with the calculator, visit the original post at Feel free to make interesting barter offers. :) Happy Thanksgiving!