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This Make: Video Podcast brings you another tutorial featuring hardware hacker Joe Grand. This weekend, dust off that multimeter and learn how to use it! In this video you’ll learn how to check for continuity, measure resistance and measure voltage. These measurements are really handy to have in your bag of tricks if you are messing around with electronics. Make sure to download the accompanying pdf so that you can print it out and have it next to you as you become familiar with these essential multimeter skills.

Make sure to check out the accompanying pdf too!

Here’s an mp4 that plays on pretty much everything. Here’s a 3gp and 3g2 for people who like to watch on their phone! Of course if you subscribe in itunes, the videos and accompanying pdf get downloaded automatically for you, no muss no fuss. You can browse all the Make: videos on or on the weekend projects page at your leisure! – Subscribe Link

  • samurai1200

    A bit redundant on the resistance-measurements section. Good video nonetheless.

    Oh, and the video is under Creative Commons license for 2006? Was this a video just sitting in the stockpile, Bre!?

  • Bre


    I’ve gotta redo that video ending for 2007!