Shigella crocheted herself a Dalek from the British TV series Doctor Who. Link.

  • juleej

    this is great! the other pictures from the side show the great conical aspect ratio slant of the dalek is perfect! exterminate!

  • jellibat

    nice job :]
    it can be friends with my crochet “hello” dalek :]
    (it was a scary experiment when the dalek tried to exterminate the Hello kitty , but instead she assimilated the dalek in the ways of sanrio
    http://andricongirl.livejournal.com/766614.html ;)
    i couldnt get the front slope happening

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    Dr., Who?

    You may have already see this Crocheted Stuffed Dalek (apparently a Dalek is something from Dr. Who) on the Craft: Blog, that’s where I first saw it, but I had to post about it because my husband just sent me a link to the original on LJ that he…