Chris writes –

Ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I could probably build my own computer if I really tried.” Or maybe, “Man, I really need a laptop with an embarrassingly low-resolution display, a processor that goes at 256 Instructions/sec, and I’ve only got $50 to spend!” Well, that’s how I got here! It took me about 4 months to complete, with a number of pauses when school and life intervened, but I’m now mostly finished with my first real DIY project.

Chris Fenton’s DIY Laptop Page – Thanks Steve! Link.

  • MrH

    The picaxe system is IMHO better and certainly cheaper than Parallax and similar systems – well supported with a good forum at

  • digitaltripper

    Yeah now thats cool !! Nice job. Reminds me of my class in Microprocessor Architecture and Design. We used a Z80 proc on a custom board in a briefcase. No fancy schmancy screen like yours though…Just seven segment displays to show us the op code…and the occasional LED(s) for signaling that we actually did hook our circuits up right…

    Great Job !!

  • Tercero

    SO. You built the equivilant of a pocket calculator?

    For $50?