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For the record, a bunch of folks sent me links to awesome videos that had already been transcoded into flash, but re-transcoding flash video into dv quality format and then compressing it is a long and painful process that results in really crappy video. You must submit in mp4, avi, or mov!!! Sites like google video and keep your original file which makes for much easier remixing!

Featured in this video:

Frederic Gmeiner’s Table Recorder – Link
John Huber’s Coin Cutting – Link
Marque Cornblatt’s Electric Motorcycle – Link
Cyclecide’s flame thrower bike – Link
Evan MacKinnon’s Balancing Board – Link

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  1. cheese1113 on said:

    Great video Bre!

  2. evanatorx on said:


  3. sloober on said:

    My .mac account exceeded it’s limit. You can see my coin cutting movie here.

    Thanks, John

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