Jake writes –

Making nice photographs when all you have for lighting is a bunch of tungsten shop lamps can be a real challenge. It is particularly hard to photograph polished brass under these conditions. So this weekend I set out to build a flash diffuser to improve the quality of the photography on this site.

Most of the diffuser is made with foam board and packing tape. I laid out a square 30″ inches on a side and then drew a cut line from each corner to the center of the top line. This gave me two right triangles that when taped together matched the center triangle.

How to Make a Large Flash Diffuser – Link.


  • HOW TO – Make a DIY flash diffuser – Link.
  • DIY Flash diffuser – Link.

  • kryten007

    Curse you von Slatt!!!

    Nice work, actually :)

    -Jake H

  • vonSlatt

    YOU !!!

    Thanks, though I kind of feel like I have to redo all of the pics on The Steampunk Workshop now.

    – Jake v. S

  • vonSlatt

    Nutz! I messed up the URL it should be: The Steampunk Workshop .