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Here are some examples of using a high powered laser to make some fake-ish 3D printing objects using sugar – Link.

The settings were 60% power and 80% speed (Epilog 35W) – place a 2mm layer of sugar, laser, lower bay one click, repeat. It’s also nice on some fruit.

  • eccramer

    You are a madman. This is extremely awesome. I blogged this because it is so excellent.


  • mikest

    neat! i wonder if the resolution couldn’t be improved with powdered sugar…

  • Fredex

    Another business opportunity: Laser cut cake decorations.

  • RobCruickshank


  • RobCruickshank


  • solderer

    Did you turn off the exhaust fan? If so, how much smoke was there? Wondering about… mmmm… carmelized bearings. The first layer was on foil… did the sugar jump up and stick to the mirror at all? Did you try slower speeds with lower power? It would be really cool to hear about any other settings you tried and what happened!