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When you’re a bicycle cop, you don’t need a bike lock, cuff’em! – [via] Link.

  • tastewar

    OK, so what do you do when you then need your handcuffs for, say, cuffing hands? Do you carry two pairs?

  • JohnWasser

    One problem with using handcuffs for a bike lock is that almost all handcuffs use the same key. Anyone with a handcuff key could unlock your bike and ride off with it, and your handcuffs. Of course it takes a special kind of idiot to even think about stealing a bike marked “POLICE” so I don’t think they have to worry too much about it.

  • cheesy

    Most cops I’ve seen do carry two pairs of cuffs.

  • joe_process

    the bike cops in toronto often dont lock them at all. the nerve…

  • armb

    Masterlock make a handcuff style bike lock.

  • wai_xing_ren

    Handcuffs are much easier to pick than bicycle locks. With no training, anyone could figure it out in five minutes. With training, it’s as easy as using a key.

    Does it take a special kind of idiot to steal a police bike or a special type of badass?