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R. Stern made a nice FedEx lunch bag, good use/reuse for the Tyvek -

I made my boyfriend a reusable lunch bag out of a FedEx Tyvek mailing envelope. I modeled it after a paper lunch sack. To keep glue away from our food, I used a sewing machine to do up the seams. Because Tyvek is tear-resistant, the stitches should hold it for many lunches. It should make a great water resistant, reusable alternative to the paper sack. I don’t expect it to last forever, just until I find another free Tyvek envelope.

Sternlab – Link.

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.



  1. Oddsocks says:

    FedEx should hire you to create a whole range of envelope recycling options. It would be a very green thing to do.

  2. makeithappen says:

    this is a US Postal Service Priority Mail tyvek envelope, not FEDEX.

  3. bekathwia says:

    That’s not true, it is FedEx. If you follow the link and look at the other picture, you can clearly see the FedEx logo on the inside of the bag.
    -R. Stern