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R. Stern writes –

Inspired by the January Boston ATHF bomb scare, Rees Shad and I have created some publicly-installed solar lamps that proclaim, “I am not a bomb” in one of 12 languages. They are on view in the Kingston, NY Peace Park through October as part of their sculpture biennial. These Declarative Lamps begin speaking and blinking at dusk, and they use the current air temperature to determine how often they speak, much like the way crickets chirp. We’ve made available our materials list, code, and circuit schematic for public use.

Sternlab – Link.

Source and schematic included, outstanding work R. Stern & Rees Shad.

Phillip Torrone

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.

6 Responses to I am not a bomb – talking solar lamps tell you they're not bombs

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  1. herr_prof on said:

    They should have it say “This is not a Pipe (bomb)” in french.

  2. michaeljedelman on said:

    The only reason for having it say “I am not a bomb” is of course to put doubt in the mind of the observer- and at a time when terrorists are setting off boms all over the world, that is irresponsible, not to mention childish.

  3. sherab on said:

    Actually isn’t “I am not a bomb” exactly what a bomb WOULD say?

  4. Austringer on said:

    That the folks in Boston blew up their own trafic monitoring device less than a month after the lightbright incident makes it clear that not labeling an innocent device “not a bomb” is irresponsible.

    The only remaining option is labeling things that aren’t bombs, “Bomb”. I’m guessing that would be frowned on as well.

  5. RTourn on said:

    This was a fiasco of National Security. A massive over reaction does not equate to a safer city. One paranoid individual should not be able to rattle the entire city or nation because they are afraid of a Lite-Brite. The point of Terrorism is to promote terror, to move the population to a state of paranoia. These “I am not a Bomb” stickers and talking signs point out paranoia; and in some cases our complacency toward it. It is not OK to be paranoid. Is paranoid police state is not the type of county I want to live in?
    I am afraid that two of our most valuable assets, free thinking and the creative spirit of this country, will be stifled by fearful suspicion instead of encouraged. If our country is to do great things, then it will be from the actions of the free thinkers; because the great engineers, the gifted artists and the powerful leaders do things that are different. The Actions of Boston discourage free thinking, promote a mediocre life, and seek a convenient escape goat (Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens).

  6. Some Guy on said:

    It’d be funnier and more to the point if you just called it the “Boston Lamp”

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