This month’s Gadget Freak comes courtesy of investment banker Hans Summers. He built a simple receiver capable of detecting QRSS transmissions on a fixed frequency. The QRSS receiver is powered by a computer’s USB port and the audio output feeds into the PC’s sound card. Hans used a toroidal transformer as matching and input filter, connected directly to a 30m (10MHz) dipole antenna and a useful oscillator/mixer IC as a crystal oscillator and mixer. Link.

  • monopole

    Very neat stuff.
    But one little thing does annoy me. Why, when a neat project has a lot of interesting technical images (the scope trace, the neat little mint box case etc.) do we get a picture of a guy making a goofy face (call it the Bre Pettis effect).

  • GarrettM

    monopole: Because there are other websites you can visit to focus on the gritty details. MAKE concentrates *at least* as much on having fun as they do on the actual technology.

  • frame

    what use technology without people? i love nerd porn.


  • doublepluselliot

    …get a picture of a guy making a goofy face (call it the Bre Pettis effect)…

    Nah. It’s the Gadget Freak effect. They always have these goofy stories and funny pictures. It’s part of their style.

  • mike

    It would be nice if the ‘more’ link actually worked.
    And I agree, silly prat face.